Jackie Christiansen

Jackie Christiansen

Certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer
Sisel International Distributor of the Year

What is The A.G.E. Pill?

The A.G.E. Pill is the latest breakthrough in anti-aging, science-based products. A.G.E. stands for Anti-Glycation Extreme. Its unique formula has proven and effective ingredients designed specifically to turn around the bodys aging process. The A.G.E.Pill provides a unique blend of powerful super nutrients that support the fight against aging by promoting a youthful biology, repairing damaged DNA, and helping you feel younger and more vibrant.

The A.G.E. Pill’s super-nutrients help your body remove glycation and lipofuscin while providing ATP-boosting biological hydrogen. Aging is not a disease, it is the condition of the body’s own degeneration and decay from decades of being alive. Normal cellular function leads to cellular waste and byproducts called lipofuscin that build up in and around the cells in every part of the body. The A.G.E. Pill supports the slowing and even reversal of this cellular decay and degeneration.

Thiese are photos of me in 2013 on the left and 2018 on the right after The A.G.E. Pill

The science behind the A.G.E. Pill sets it apart. There is no other health supplement on the market that does what this incredible product does.

1. The A.G.E. Pill removes cellular waste build up called lipofuscin in and around the cells for better cell to cell and intracellular communication. This means better cell function overall.

2. The A.G.E. Pill supports the stem cell’s internal system to rid the cells of glycation end products. Glycation a natural process in which the sugar in your bloodstream attaches to proteins, forming harmful new molecules called advanced glycation end products, the damaging effects of which may cause you to physically age quicker.

3. The A.G.E.Pill increases cellular energy through ATP-providing biological hydrogen which significantly increases the electrical energy of mitochondria in the stem cells. This provides a noticeable increase in metabolic processes and overall energy levels.

the a.g.e. pill
Age IS just a Number with The A.G.E. Pill by Sisel

Don’t limit your anti-aging regimen to vitamins only. Supplement with the A.G.E Pill., the most incredible breakthrough in age-reversal science history.

For more information, visit: https://antiaging-pill.com/

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