Jackie Christiansen

Jackie Christiansen

Certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer
Sisel International Distributor of the Year

AGE Pill, the Ultimate Anti Aging Pill

Why is it that so many people are looking for an answer to the condition of Aging? Everyone I know over age 40 doesn’t want to age; everyone wants to stay young and reap the benefits of youth like energy, good health, great skin and a brain that stays sharp to name a few. Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve forgotten what you were going to say, or worse yet, forgotten your train of thought mid-story? If you have, you are not alone. It’s why Sisel created their AGE Pill™, the Ultimate Anti Aging Pill.

Anti-aging supplements are highly sought after and there are many products that claim to turn back the clock in the anti-aging field. Most supplements which claim to be anti-aging are actually only antioxidants. Antioxidants are a great idea to take on a daily basis because they help tremendously with free radical damage. Although they help indirectly with the aging process, the actual physiology of aging is not affected. The true key to real Anti Aging lies in the Stem Cells.

People are looking for a true anti-aging supplement that really works. One that addresses the aging process at a cellular level and that can target some of the age-related processes in the body. There is one such product called AGE Pill that was designed and formulated to reverse the ravaging of aging in the body. Unlike regular antioxidants, AGE Pill accomplishes real anti-aging by getting to target of the aging process, the Stem Cells. Our Stems Cells were designed to repair and replace dead and dying cells to keep us Healthy and Young. However, an interesting compound called NAD+ has been found to play an important role in keeping our Stems Cells Healthy and Active.

NAD+ is a protein molecule in the human body present in every cell. In fact, scientists say that without NAD+, we couldn’t live. Unfortunately, NAD+ declines greatly as we age, having less than 10% by the time we reach the age of 60. This sounds like terrible news doesn’t it? Well it is, unless you are taking a true anti aging supplement like AGE Pill. The AGE Pill is the latest in cutting-edge, science-based technology to truly turn back the hands of time. Many have referred to the discovery of NAD+ as the fountain of youth. AGE Pill works because of the tremendously effective formula, designed to increase the body’s natural production of NAD+, clean out the cellular debris, and energize the mitochondria in our cells.

AGE Pill™ is a NAD+ booster that also cleans out the cellular debris, thereby re-activating and energizing Stem Cells to repair and replace the dead and dying cells in our body. This amazing product supports the fight against aging by promoting a youthful biology; increasing stem cells, repairing DNA damage, removing cellular waste and by increasing ATP stores through the increased production of the cells’ energy powerhouses, called mitochondria. Turn Back the Clock with the AGE Pill™ by Sisel.

Don’t limit your anti-aging regimen to vitamins only. Supplement with AGE Pill, the most incredible breakthrough in age-reversal science history. For more information, visit: https://antiaging-pill.com/

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